Friday, September 4, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 9.4.15

Well hello September. This month came on quickly in spite of Cordelia's daily countdown to her birthday at the end of the month. Let's reminisce about the week that was...

I rescued some ferns for almost nothing and repotted them and gave them a good drink. They had been root bound and bone dry. Here is hoping they recover!

Vegan French toast. The girls have been begging to go to France and wanted to know if this is how the French eat. Erm, not so much, but it was goooood.

This gem of a parking job this week. I took a photo to text complain to my spouse and bestie. Later I laughed when. I looked closely and saw my annoyed reflection in the mirror of the other guy's car. In case you are wondering I folded in my sideview and asked a nice stranger to spot me while I slowly backed out.


This photo. Elise requested that I take this picture because she wanted to see why she looks like when she is happy.

Eli's and Eric at preschool orientation. 

Cordelia is zipping off. She had brought drawings for all of her teachers and races around handing them out while Elise hacked out her classroom.

The girls visiting my dad at his office. He gave them balloons and a ride in his office chair. He is always good for fun like that.

My mom sent me this photo of my baby brother Sam in his UPS driver uniform.

Eric opening the first box of his books! 

Eric's first book!!!!

Sisters at the gallery opening last night.

Eric's opening last night.

Book signing like a boss.

Look at that crowd.

The girls at the opening. They were a bit wild. Elise fell and bumped her head on concrete, but they also had fun.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Until Now

Today is the opening of an eighteen year retrospective of Eric's photography. He has painstakingly rifled through nearly two decades of work; creating a body of work that is representative of his photography career thus far. Accompanying the show is a book of his work. I will post here when it becomes available online.

I sneaked a look at his show this week. The works are arranged chronologically and trace his early expiraments  with photography up to his mature style. Personally the show is filled with memories of our life and creativity together; a treasure for me. Viewers need not know a thing about Eric, or professionally E.K. Winmer, to appreciate his show. If you are local I really hope to see you there tonight. I will be the exasperated lady wrangling two young girls who are way too comfortable in art galleries.

Take a moment to read his article here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Project: Fairy House

Yesterday morning Cordelia asked me if I thought fairies were real. These kind of questions are tricky for me. On the one hand I do not want to lie to my children. I want them to know that I will always be honest with them. This is why we have never done the Santa gig. On the other hand I do not want to take away the fun of imaginative play and the wonder of possibilities. Also, it is tricky when asked if unicorns are real...I mean a narwhal is definitely a sea unicorn.

My response was vague enough that I didn't squelch imagination. I said something like,"Well I have never ever seen a fairy." She took that and thought for a moment. She then said,"I have decided to believe that fairies might be real." Then she asked if she could build a fairy house. I agreed to the project.

So after lunch we set up on the back porch with a box that had previously held soy milk. We had some glue and a few soy yogurt cups (emptied and cleaned). I also grabbed some burlap type fabric and a hunk of wood.

The girls gathered grasses and leaves and sticks. Cordelia wanted to make sure the fairy house was camouflaged. She guided the project while Elise and I followed her lead. Elise spent a lot of time playing her own thing when the making process became too dull.

Cordelia in the process of making.

I cut out a door and windows, removed the flaps of the box. Grass was glued to the sides of the box, leaves to the top. Sticks were made into a fence. The yogurt cups and burlap were made into beds. I used the wood chuck to fashion a porch. 

One of two beds.

The whole project took a couple of hours. Once the house was made each girl dug little underground shelters for fairies in case of winter or tornadoes. Fun was had, imagination and innovation happened. It was a good afternoon outside.
Ha ha, this was Elise when I asked her to smile.

Proud of her creation.

Betty Spinkles laid on top of the fence, but the girls decided she was the protector of the fairy house.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Business Meeting

My friend Laura and I are both busy mothers. She works full time and I suppose I do too between colleges, lessons, classes, and art. Anyway, it can be challenging for us to find time to hang out when we are pulled in so many directions. This is true with most relationships. I think it just takes a mindful effort to just make time for the relationships in our lives. 

When Laura and I were able to set a time to meet we didn't want to waste our time with the same-o lame-o stuff. I am not quite sure how the idea developed, but we decided to dress like 80s professional business women and have a drink at a hotel. Obviously. 

We spent the days before our meeting sending texts of great outfits and makeup ideas. You know, just building up momentum. We individually hunted for outfits at thrift stores. My ensemble cost a whopping $3.98 and included a dress, earrings, authentic lace pantyhose, and a velvet purse.

Eric dug out a Walkman and a Bruce Willis tape (he released an album FYI).

I curled and sprayed and caked on the blush. Cordelia followed me the whole time. She wanted to know why I would do such a thing. I told her that it was just something I needed to do. She understands the power of dress up on a near spiritual level. 

Then Eric had me pose in front of the garage with my headphones.

Then I drove over to the Ramada to meet with Laura.

Neither of us planned to have characters, but we fell into a natural groove discussing business and mergers. We amused ourselves. Our outfits lent themselves to roles. Laura as senior business partner and me as the upstart junior partner. Lest you think that we were putting on a show for other people  let me assure you that the Ramada at early evening on a Monday is pretty quiet. We also went and sat in the atrium, so we were basically alone. It was fun and hilarious.

It was just a really fun break from reality. I think we probably have a new tradition.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Nagging Feeling

All day I have been jumping from project to project: checking in on students, cleaning, painting, putting away laundry, reading to the girls, playing, etc.

I have had this nagging feeling that something was off. I assumed it was just because I am tired. I was up in the night with two girls who both had nightmares, needed drinks, had to go to the bathroom. 

Then it hit me. I haven't blogged yet! How could I forget? I feel better now. How about you?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Quote: Made for Love

We were made for loving. If we don't love, we will be like plants without water.
~Desmond Tutu

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beauty Shop

Recently Eric and the girls were alone together and the girls decided to have a beauty shop. Eric was an amazingly obliging father...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 8. 28.15

This week has been a total blur. I feel like all I have done is work on the studio, but phone tells me that I accomplished some other stuff as well.

Sweetest picky eater.

Fresh from the garden of a friend.

This labyrinth is the result of a major effort by a friend of mine. I helped a bit in the process with a painting to help conceptualize the space. The landscaping is still going in, but the girls and I were able to check it out this week. Officially it is called th Barr Rea Learning Circle. Although Cordelia told me that she  did not learn a thing while we were there. She thought that it might be a maze for babies. Ha.

Morning reading on the couch.

Betty Sprinkles begging for food.

I took this photo after scraping tile for hours. I posted it to Instagram and said that I was going to rest because everything hurt. Then I got back up and worked some more.

Backyard in the undies, childhood done right.

We meet up with my parents for lunch at the hospital each week, replacing mall lunch. 

Yesterday my father was in fine form. Most people know him as a pastor, but is so much more---Cordelia finds him hilarious.

Eric and Elise. My heart.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have recently seen several posts and comments about how the online lives of some people are making others feel like their lives are somehow lacking. This is nothing new. I have Facebook friends who comment how depressed they are when they see only photos of smiling and happy people. I have other friends who are currently posting about the not so perfect moments of their lives. I have read countless articles about how the edited moments are presenting an unrealistic version of life.

While this may be true to some degree I think that people assume this is posturing. Posting happy photos of trips and telling funny stories from life, sharing recipes and ideas is not all about showing other people up! I cannot speak for everyone, but here is why I post those types of things on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.---I am sharing the good. I am not bragging and certainly not trying to make anyone feel badly about their own lives. 

I know very few people who take photos of sad moments in their life and post them online (if they do then they are deemed as attention seekers too). Mostly these social forums are places where close friends and acquaintances are all mixed together. Nobody wants to post that they are worried about money, depressed by the news, struggling with body issues, dealing with loss, sad about the world. Those are problems that you share with the people closest to you, not in an open forum. I mean you certainly can, but many of us feel more comfortable keeping our problems to ourselves. I worry that my problems will be a burden to others with their own personal issues, they don't need mine.
I do not think it is an issue of honesty, but rather a way to keep focused on the positive. There is nothing wrong with sharing joys or sadnesses with the world at large, but is seems that people are often inclined to share the positive. That makes me feel happy and hopeful. When I see a happy post from a friend who has traveled to some beautiful location I don't immediately feel like my life is less than theirs, even though I long for travel. Instead I feel genuinely happy for them and excited for a season in my life when I am able to do the same.

All of this is really stemming from the news events of yesterday. I accidentally saw video footage that I did not want to see and it was horribly sad. I talked with my husband about it and then I tried to find some good news to balance out the bad. I needed a little hope that I am bringing up children in a world where the good outweighs the bad. 

I want to see your photos of the award you won, the photo of you cradling your newborn, the photo where you look awesome in your swimsuit, the photos of your weddings and vacations and all of the good in your life. I know there are hard times too, but I am so thankful that the blows of those hard times are cushioned by happy moments. I am thankful when others share their joys and I don't think there is a single thing wrong with sharing the highlights of your life.

---Drops mic and sips coffee.
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