Friday, July 3, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 7.3.15

Look I am going to be honest here, there are a LOT of photos this week. We had company, activities, cute children. Basically a perfect storm for a whirlwind of mediocre photos. Enjooooy!

Last Thursday our friends Andy, Anne, and now Lennon came to stay with us for a week. Andy had a series of shows to play and we were just eager to see some of our very favorite people. Cordelia is going through a phase where babies are super fascinating to her so she was very excited to meet Lennon.

The kids were great together all week. Although Elise was not particularly happy to share her mother with another person. She struggled to accept my holding of Lennon saying, "Now you need to hold me." Lennon was just happy and excited to see big kids in action.

Anne and Lennon in the backyard.

Normally I am not a huge fan of other people's kids, preferring to remark on their cuteness from a safe distance, but Lennon is different. I was happy to snuggle that sweet boy.

The girls sit on the end of our bed at an unholy hour. Seriously this was probably taken at 5:30 when the sun rises.

Eric skates.

One thing about having a baby in the house is that they need naps. I would use nap time as an opportunity to take the girls out of the house. Loud girls do not help the nap process. My mother took the girls and I to see Inside Out.

We went to Nicfest over the weekend. Eric was working, but we managed to sneak in a few moments of his time.

We got to see both of Andy's performances at Nicfest over the weekend. Lennon and Anne were there too, of course.

My mother was happy to steal Lennon for a bit as well.

My girls tore it up at the shows. So much in fact that by the end of one performance they were both bleeding and crying. Hardcore.

Elise with her face paint.

When I took the face paint off it clung to her eyebrows. Pretty awesome. This was the face she made when I showed her what she looked like in my phone.

We also hit up a local museum. Here are Andy and Elise.

Anne and Lennon lounging in the yard.

Andy gets a little hammock time.

We also went to a couple of Andy's library performances. Elise was very upset that I had not packed her snacks.

Sunsets have been beautiful thanks to
northern wildfires. 

Cordelia and Lennon.

Lucy spends her time napping.

Evening hike with Laura.

Andy's performance from yesterday. We said goodbye after the show.

How has your week been?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Last Night with Laura

Last night it was cloudy, but the forecast said there was only a 30% chance of rain. I watched the clouds on the mountain with a wary eye as I steered the car to Laura's house. We had originally planned to go for a drink, but realized that both of us would prefer a hike. So we changed our plans and put on hiking gear.

I picked her up at her home. We checked the weather again and it now said 40% chance of rain. We hopped into the car, unwilling to let go of this last opportunity (for a while) to hang out. You see Laura is like adopted family to us. My family has known Laura since childhood. She attends family dinners, birthdays, and holidays when she isn't with her actual family who live in another town. My girls both love her dearly, as do we all.

When Laura announced that she was leaving we all knew it was for the best, because there is a world calling to her, but it is a bittersweet goodbye. We will miss her. It was particularly difficult to break the news to the girls, but they understand as best as two kids can. We also assured them that she is only moving to Colorado, that we will still see her.

So last night neither she nor I were willing to call it a wash when, on the drive up to the trailhead,it started to rain and then pour and then hail. I kept driving, feeling certain that the storm would pass quickly. I parked the car and we chatted as the rain slowed and finally stopped. We hopped out of the car and headed to the trail. It was closing in on sunset, but twilight lingers this time of year so we knew that we probably had a couple of hours of light.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening as we had the trail mostly two ourselves, only passing a few others over the course of nearly two hours. We talked and laughed and made a good memory. When we came off of the mountain we didn't say goodbye, because with family it is never goodbye.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Without Words

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I recently read a post about keeping a small circle of friends. I don't remember the exact quote or who was being quoted, but it kind of bummed me out a bit. I think mostly that it speaks to the under 25 crowd as a reminder to maintain only the good friendships that help one to grow. However, as a person who spent much of their young life moving to new places I often felt excluded from small circles of friendship. Those long established relationships often left no room for new friends. Like I was always on the outside looking in and wishing to be a part of ANY group of friends. Of course this naturally translated into me hanging out with what would probably be deemed as the wrong crowd as a young girl.

Thankfully I moved on into adulthood and began making lifelong friendships. I have now made many friendships that have lasted decades. While the circle of my very closest friends remains fairly small and tight I never close the door on the possibility for new friendships. I have a the more the merrier policy. Ultimately I think some people fade away and other come to feel so much like family that it hardly seems possible that we aren't related.

Many of these friendships were ignited when one friend was single and when they found their partner our circle grew. We have also made friends through friends. I am always actively pursuing new friendships too. I guess, getting back to the original quote, I don't believe in having a small circle of friends. I think that a circle of friends probably has a natural capacity, but that isn't really something that needs delegation. Obviously many friendships have a season and then they fade, but those serve a great purpose too. I learn and grow from every relationship that I have and there is no way that I am interested in limiting growth.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nicfest 2015

This weekend was the annual arts festival held by our local art museum. The weekend long event, Nicfest, is a really awesome community event with music, art, food, and activities. While the fest is super fun we always miss Eric as he has to work from morning until night each day of the festival. We do get to see him when we hit up the party, but he is working so it is pretty brief. 

Also this week Andy, Anne and Lennon are visiting and Andy is playing several shows around town, two at Nicfest! Here are a few photos from the weekend event.

Slush ice of some form. Flavor unknown.

Elise chose to have her face painted as a patriotic skull.

We enjoyed both of Andy's performances.

Cordelia had her face painted with dolphins. She was careful to remind the face painting lady to include glitter and lip paint.

Eric and Elise.

Andy Mason.

Eric, Anne, Lennon.

Sitting while the girls have their faces painted. Two of the face painters were my students and I think they were intimidated, probably because I am super  judgey about face painting. Only kidding.

The festival was a big success, though I am glad to be done with it and see my husband again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Quote: Grandparent

A child needs a grandparent, anybody's grandparent, to grow a little more comfortably into an unfamiliar world.
~ Charles and Ann Morse

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Busy with Friends

Photo from Andy and Anne

We are busy hanging out with friends. So I am just going to let you look at a photo today.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 6.26.15

Another week bites the dust.

My father and Cordelia surveying their kingdom.
My mother, the girls, me. Hiking like bosses.

Who is that handsome fella?

This is what Sam does when I try and take a photo with him. Also, he is so tall. I am 5'11" and he makes me look like a tiny baby.

Somebody woke everyone up with the first light of sun---then zoned out because it was too early.

Visit to the "Dinosaur Museum" as my girls call it.

Very proudly wearing underwear on her head. I am like 87% sure that they were clean.

Chalk drawing on a lazy afternoon.

Cordelia and I sketching in the backyard.

Sweet sisters. Playing all the time. Living in their own sister world.

Spying on a caterpillar.

We finally got to meet Lennon, baby of dear friends Andy and Anne.

Anne and Lennon.

Eric and Andy reviewing the designer proof of Eric's  book.

Everyone loves a hammock

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